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What is the All Trails Club?

The Bolton Trails Committee
All Trails Club

The Town of Bolton has roughly 15 properties actively managed by the Bolton Trails Committee in collaboration with the Bolton Conservation Commission and Bolton Conservation Trust. Two state owned Wildlife Management Area properties are also present within Bolton’s town boundaries that residents and visitors may enjoy. The Bolton Trails Committee collaborated in 2015 to collect trail data which allowed for the first updated trail guide for the town in nearly 20 years. Then, in 2016, all of the trail segments in town were measured with a surveyor’s wheel and for the first time, the exact trail mileage in town was documented. These Bolton Trails Committee efforts were highlighted in two newspaper articles (One Hundred Hikes in Bolton and Take a Guess and Take a Hike).
It has now been established that we have access to over 45 miles of trails which are made up of more than 500 individual segments. In order to hike all segments, most segments need to be covered more than once. It is likely that each Club Member needs to hike more than 80 miles in order to successfully hit every segment of trail in town!
If you want to explore the entirety of Bolton’s trail system, scan the QR code at the Town Clerk’s desk at town hall or at one of several trailheads in town for use on your mobile device. Alternately, download the trail maps from this website and head out exploring. If you would like to be listed as a member of the All Trails Club, review the application form here (Bolton, MA All Trails Club Application). Document that you have hiked each individual segment and mail your completed application to and your name will be added to the list found here (Bolton, MA All Trails Club Members). The first 100 people to reach this milestone will also receive a custom All Trails Club patch!

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