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5 Zink-Northwoods

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Zink Northwoods Map

Access: Located off Corn Road approximately ½ mile north of the Sugar Road overpass, from Bolton Road in Harvard, or from Ledgewood Circle. Another path starts from Laurel Drive

Parking: Two cars near the Corn Road trailhead and two cars on Ledgewood Circle

Description: 179 acres, including 31 acres in Harvard. From Corn Road, the main trail climbs alongside a lovely stream with several crossings, one over a scenic dam, before reaching upland habitat at the junction with the Laurel Road trail. From this point on there is a network of trails in the Northwoods/Levison area off Harvard Road. These trails connect to the Harvard Road and Ledgewood Circle trailheads.

The Zink Sawmill area opposite the the Corn Road trailhead includes a connecting path to Sugar Road next to the bridge over I495.

Crossing the stream