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2021 Trails Guide Second Printing

Some of you may have been disappointed when attempting to purchase a copy of the 2021 Bolton Trails Guide because the first printing sold out quickly. A second printing is now available. Click here for ordering infornation.  

2021 Edition of the Trails Guide

The 2021 edition of the Bolton Trails Guide is now available either from the Town Hall or directly from The Bolton Conservation Trust. $20.00 at the Town Hall (no cash – pay by check or PayPal directly to the Trust). Read more…

New maps installed at trailheads and significant trail junctions

With the new set of trail maps, new “you are here” maps have been created for installation at trailheads, significant trail junctions and parking areas. This was a team effort: Bob Roemer procured the materials and made the wooden map Read more…

Story Book Trail at Fyfeshire

Rebecca Longvall has recently added a story book trail around the Fyfeshire Upper Pond. You can follow the story boards as you circumvent the water, go over the dam and cross North Brook. Just the thing for the children. Read more…

Updated Maps

Since January several maps have been updated. Including: Bolton Flats Completely redrawn with more detail Delaney  Completely redrawn with more detail and expanded Bowers Springs  More details added    

Updated maps in January 2020

Take a look at the Maps menu for updated versions of the descriptions of trails in several of our areas. All have been updated to the latest format. included are suggested hikes and nearby connections to other areas. Map 3 Read more…

Map Updates

New maps for the New Year! The Rattlesnake Hill and Vicinity map has been completely re vamped with updated trails including the Sawyer Grist Mill section. There is more information about the industrial archeology to be found in the area Read more…