Bolton Trails

The website of Bolton Trails Committee. Maps, routes, paths and events on conservation land in Bolton Massachusetts


Month: September 2019

Downed Trees cleared at Rattlesnake and Fyfeshire

Two tree clearing parties were our in the last two weeks of September 2019. On 15 September Jeff Bryan and Gordon Taylor cleared a blow down and some small obstructions at Fyfeshire. and on 23 September. Bob and Alice Roemer Read more…

Bowers Springs Clean up

Led by Larry Kunz, on the weekend of 21-22 September 2019 a group of volunteers took on the task of reinvigorating Bowers Springs. Highest priority was, and continues to be, battling invasive species. Notably bittersweet, multi flora rose and where Read more…

Garrison House Site Cleanup

Located at the corner of Sugar Road and Golden Run Road, the Josiah Whitcomb Garrison House Foundation site had become overgrown with weeds, shrubs and a small pine tree. On Friday 20 September 2019 Drew Schaubhut organized a work party Read more…