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Month: October 2023

Buckthorn removed at Bowers Springs

Jan Johnson reported to the Trails Committee that there was a lot of buckthorn next to ponds at Bowers Springs. So on October 12 Larry Kunz teamed up with her to remove much of it.

Poison Ivy Cleared from the Noreen Beck Memorial bench

The memorial bench to Noreen Beck at Bowers Springs had become unusable because of poison ivy. So much that it had become a discussion topic online. So on the weekend of 14 October 2023, Larry Kunz braved the vegetation and Read more…

2023 has been a busy year for trail maintenance

The 2023 weather has caused many trees to fall and block trails, also the good growing conditions have encouraged the undergrowth to spread onto trails in many places, sometimes with a lot of poison ivy. Volunteers have cleared worked with Read more…