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Month: August 2019

Phillips Plaque Reinstalled

Those of you that are familiar with the Phillips Land shown on the Rattlesnake Map will also be familiar with the plaque that remembers the land donation by the Phillips family. You may not have noticed that this plaque had Read more…

Fallen Trees removed from Sawyer Mill Trail

On Saturday 17 August, Bob and Alice Roemer removed 3 fallen trees from the Sawyer Mill Trail, which is accessible from the Philips Trail.   See the south section of the Rattlesnake Map.

Bowers Springs Cleanup

On Thursday August 15 and Saturday August 17 Larry Kunz organized a group to clear bittersweet and cut back low hanging branches at Bowers Springs. Bittersweet is a big problem. It is killing some of the impressive trees in many Read more…

SVT, BCT and Bolton ConCom workshop on land protection

August 4; A group of walkers risked the rain to take a walk and look at the preservation of Philips Land. This was led by Rebecca Longvall (Bolton Conservation Agent), Betsy Taylor-Kennedy (former Board Member of Bolton Conservation Trust),  Christa Read more…

Bob Horton Trail – huge broken trees

On Friday August 2 Bob Roemer led a team of Rebecca, Betsy, Alice and Gordon to remove two dangerous trees on the Bob Horton Trail. These trees had been seriously damaged because of a micro burst during one of the Read more…

Powder House Trail blockage

Larry, Ethan( Larry’s grandson)  and Jeff went out and cleared the blowdown on the trails. There were several trees blown down after storms or wind.  Larry was attack by several thousand bees, and sustain many stings. Despite that, the team Read more…


New signs put in place by Gordon and Winslow and the trail is open. You can walk from Sawyer Road almost to Fyfeshire without needing to use Wattaquadock Hill Road.