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Bolton Trails

Bowers Springs Cleanup

On Thursday August 15 and Saturday August 17 Larry Kunz organized a group to clear bittersweet and cut back low hanging branches at Bowers Springs. Bittersweet is a big problem. It is killing some of the impressive trees in many part of Bolton. this is especially noticeable at Bowers Springs

Two areas were taken on on both days:

  1. The avenue of trees on the left soon after leaving the parking area. bittersweet and low hanging branches hinder the clearance of the meadow by tractor-driven machinery.
  2. The “climbing tree”, a large maple near on of the meadows is surrounded by bittersweet which is in danger of causing problems. This tree is popular because of its good looks, modest height and its easy for children to climb.

On Thursday Larry and Gordon worked on both places. On Saturday, Larry and Hinglan Lo, worked on the climbing tree and Gordon worked on the big trees near the avenue. Jeff Bryan towed the Gravely brush mower over early on Saturday morning.

In addition, on Thursday, Gordon and Larry cleared a large blow down on the new Hayes-Wheeler Trail close to Sawyer Road.

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