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Month: June 2023

Trees blocking trails at Vaughn Hills and Rattlesnake – cleared by volunteers.

Vaughn Hills: A large tree fell at Vaughn Hills bringing down other tree and blocking the path from Bare Hill Road to the Beaver Pond. There was also a smaller tree causing a minor obstruction on the same path. This Read more…

New map display on Annie Moore Kiosk

In June 2023, the map for the Annie Moore on Bolton Woods Way has been replaced by Nick Matte and his father, Greg, because it had become de-laminated over the years. It was first installed during Nick’s Eagle Scout project Read more…

More Quarry workings at Rattlesnake Hill Found

On Friday June 2, 2023, Bob and Alice Roemer were taking their usual walk over Rattlesnake Hill. While on the path between 2J and 2H it occurred to Bob that the route had been used by some heavy ox carts Read more…