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Month: June 2021

Fallen Trees cleared at Haynes-Wheeler

On 22 June 2021, Larry Kunz and Gordon Taylor cleared some blockages near the Sawyer Road trail head at Haynes-Wheeler:   

The Overlook Trail sign cleared

On Thursday 17 June 2021, Betsy Taylor-Kennedy took loppers and shears to the multi-flora rose that had overgrown the sign at the entrance to the Overlook on Watttaquadock Road. This invasive plant had been growing vigorously and the sign had Read more…

Old plank bridge replaced at Wilder

On Thursday, 17 June 2021 a team of Bob Roemer, Drew Schabhut, Larry Kunz, Brianna Carlisle and Gordon Taylor installed a new bridge to replace the old plank bridge that had long since been overgrown and/or washed downstream. They were Read more…

Bog Bridge repaired at Fyfeshire

On Friday June 18, Gordon Taylor repaired a section of Bog Bridge adjacent to Fyfeshire Upper Pond. The stringers and treads were is decent shape, but the screws had largely corroded away.  

Multi-Site Brush Cleanup

With a vacation day and no kids to watch/entertain, it made a great day for doing some trail clean up. Although the poison ivy, pricker bushes, and aggressive invasive vines were not what I would necessarily call a relaxing vacation Read more…