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Month: January 2021

More cheerful painted stones and messages

Someone, or maybe some people, continue to paint rocks, make decorations, and install cheerful messages around town. Here are a few.

Storm Damage at Bowers Springs

Recent storms have inflicted serious damage on some trees at Bowers Springs.The fallen trees have created their own problems such as the destruction of the wire debris trap over this culvert. In some cases this has caused trails to be Read more…

Direction signs added at Powder House Hill and Wilder Farm

Gordon Taylor made new direction signs for the hard-to-see Powder House trail where it meets the old cart track at the gas pipeline on Powder House Hill. He also made a sign to indicate the best route to Bolton Town Read more…

Trails cleared at Fyfeshire and Wilder

On Sunday 11 January 2021 Larry and Gordon cleared blown down trees that were blocking the paths at Fyfeshire and at the Wilder Farm area. There were also a few small logs that lay across the trails and could have Read more…