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Month: September 2021

“Microburst Alley” blocked again

The phantom of Microburst Alley has struck again on the Horton Trail.  This time with a large dead red oak down across the trail which Bob Roemer took care of on Friday 17 September, a splintered live red oak, and Read more…

Blown down trees cleared at the Oaks

On 8 September 2021, Larry Kunz and Gordon Taylor cleared a couple of downed trees on the route designated as the circuit of the Oaks conservation land next to the Oak Trail residential development. These trees are well into the Read more…

Trees and undergrowth cleared at Keyes Farm

On 9 September 2021, Larry Kunz and Gordon Taylor cleared much of the Keyes Farm trail. There were many trees down and one or two potentially dangerous overhanging broken limbs and trunks. The trail from the parking lot into the Read more…

Downed trees cleared at Danforth

Larry Kunz and Gordon Taylor cleared several trees at the Danforth Brook area on August 27. It was a VERY hot and humid day!  

Downed Tree cleared on the Bob Horton Trail

Bob and Alice Roemer continue to clear fallen trees at the Lime Kiln area. This one was cleared on August 28. It was on the Bob Horton Trail.