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More Maps on Posts installed at Trail Junctions

On Saturday 23 October 2021, two teams set out from the Town Common parking area to install wooden posts on which maps with “You are Here” markers were displayed. These maps will help new trail users find their way around Bolton’s conservation areas.

A team consisting of Cindy Ayotte, Brad Ayotte, Winslow Green and Larry Kunz set out from the Woodside Drive entrance to Vaughn Hills where a map and post was needed at the large intersection near where Vaughn Hills and Moen areas meet.

Another team of Abbie Maguire, Ethaniel and Tim Vecchiarelli, Drew Schaubhut and Gordon Taylor installed two posts and maps on Powder House Hill where the trail crosses the gas pipeline and lower down the hill where the Old Town House road also crosses the same gas pipeline. This lower post was challenging because of the rocky terrain and the difficulty of digging a deep hole, Additional security was applied with some big stones found nearby.

Cindy, Winslow and Brad
The new map at Vaughn Hills
Ethaniel completing attachment of the map where the Powder House trail crosses the pipeline.
The Old Town House Road crossing

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