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Storm Damage cleared at Vaughn Hills

Thanks to the diligence of David Wylie who reported that the recent storms had created some hazards next to the  pond at Vaughn  Hills. A team was assembled to tackle the work.

On Wednesday January 15, Larry and Gordon cleared the obstructed trail near the Beaver dam where a large tree had fallen and completely blocked anybody from passing.

Nearby the top section of a very big tree had broken off and was leaning over the trail, propped up by a pine tree and some very small branches. Larry and Gordon tried to bring it down, but were defeated by the practicalities of maneuvering the tree so that it would fall safely before being cut up. More tools were needed.

Dangerous tree bridging the trail
Tree supported by some small dead branches

A day later a bigger team came with the help of Bob Roemer and his extensive tool kit. Bob showed how his come-along could be used to cause the tree to roll out of its position and fall safely towards the pond.

You can watch it fall by clicking here.

David Wylie had also noted a dead tree that looked dangerous near the Bare Hill Road entrance to the Vaughn Hills area. So the team headed off to deal with it. Along the way a couple of recently fallen smaller trees were removed from the trail.

Bob clearing a small blow-down on the trail
The path after the smaller downed trees were cleared
The “Handhold Tree” on the steep to path Bare Hill Road was secured to ensure that after felling it did not drop on to the power lines

You can watch it fall by clicking here.

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