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Garrison House Cleanup 2021

The Whitcomb Garrison House site is an historic place in Bolton. The foundations are visible just off Sugar Road near the junction with Golden Run Road. Every few years, the undergrowth spreads over the area and a cleanup is required. It was last cleared in 2019, but nature comes back quickly and in October 2021, another clearance was needed. So Drew Schaubhut, Larry Kunz and Gordon Taylor set about the task on Wednesday the 6th. After two hours of work the site was presentable again and the shape of the house was visible. Another reason to keep this clear is that the visibility for traffic at the road junction is reduced greatly when the shrubbery is very high.


Just getting started
Drew enthusiastically picking up sticks
Packing up the tools
Finished – mustn’t forget those jackets on the fence

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  • I remember the site well. Some Boy Scouts could make a good job of this work, earning a merit badge in mix.

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