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Trails from Randall Road Cleared

On Tuesday 12 October Larry Kunz and Gordon Taylor cleared a number of down trees from trails that lead off Randall Road. Some were blocking the path through Rocky Dundee and Vinger Venable. Some others were in the Gould-White and Hapgood-Schecter area.

This tree had a lot of fungus
What variety of growth is this?
All that rot meant that it was easy to cut and light to move.
This tree was just across the brook
Easy to clear
A small tree on a side trail
Cleared quickly
This was on the Vinger-Venable area and was easy to move – no chainsaw required
Had this been made into a mountain bike obstacle? It was on Hapgood-Schecter land.
Larry moving the blockage away.
This tree was on the path from the cart track to Randall Road on the Gould-White land.
A huge fallen tree. Fortunately this had not blocked the trail, so it was left alone.
Some interesting fungus
More fungus

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