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More Trail Head Maps Installed

The team of Bob Roemer, Rebecca Longvall and Gordon Taylor has made a lot of maps for installation at various trail heads. The maps were made by Gordon, the encapsulation and site identification were done by Rebecca, and the wooden map holders were made by Bob. On Friday March 26, Gordon and his wife, Betsy, installed many of them around town.

Peach Hill Road trail head for the Fyfeshire Trail
West Berlin Road trail head for the Hapgood-Schecter easement to the Gould -White land
Randall Road trail head for the Gould-White land
Basin Loop trail head (Gould-White land) on Randall Road
Danforth Lane trail head
Bartsch Connector into the Bowers Springs land on Bare Hill Road
Grudas/Pilkington trail (formerly Held) into Bowers Springs
Sawyer Road Trail head into the Gould-White land

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