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Self Guided Tours of Fyfeshire and Haynes-Wheeler

On Monday 19 April 2021, Gordon and Betsy installed the QR codes for the three self-guided tours of the Fyfeshire and Haynes-Wheeler properties.

Three self-guided tour routes start at the Wattaquadock Hill Road entrance and are marked with QR codes along the way. Much of the source data was provided by Rebecca.

  1. An out and back walk to a trail junction where you can choose to follow one of the longer routes or return the way you came. About 1-mile round trip.
  2. An approximately 2.5-mile loop to Peach Hill Road in Berlin, then north back into Bolton turning left at the junction with Sawyer Road. Follow Sawyer Road past the farm stand and back via the Haynes-Wheeler land to Fyfeshire upper pond. Note that there is a short steep section of trail as the path drops down to Wattaquadock Hill Road near the end of the walk.
  3. This approximately 3-mile loop uses the Mountain Laurel Trail on Berlin Conservation land. The route reaches Lancaster Road (Berlin), which it follows to the junction of McNulty and Wattaquadock Hill Roads in Bolton where the route heads north. After passing a restaurant the Fyfeshire area is re-entered to follow the pond’s shore back to the start.

You can preview the routes here: Fyfeshire self-guided tour QR codes.

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