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The website of Bolton Trails Committee. Maps, routes, paths and events on Conservation land in Bolton Massachusetts

Bolton Trails


If you have a newish mobile device you can get a town-wide trail map by clicking here.

For some devices clicking on  will center the map on your current location.

If you are interested in history, here’s a look at Bolton’s layout in the 1800s:

1831 map, surveyed by Silas Holman

For a look at today’s Bolton conservation land and trails the maps are available by clicking on the area using the map below.

Alternatively you can use the table at the bottom of this page.

< Bolton Flats Vaughn Hills Bowers Springs Powder House Zink-Northwoods Rattlesnake and Vicinity Delaney Annie Moore Danforth Brook and Keyes Farm Vinger-Venable Gould-White Welch Pond Houghton Farm Wilder Pond Fyfeshire and Haynes-Wheeler Bolton Overlook
# Area – click for map detail Acres Parking
1 Bolton Flats Wildlife Management Area 455 388 Still River Road
2 Vaughn Hills 100 245 Vaughn Hill Road
3 Bowers Springs 91* 44 Flanagan Road
4 Powder House 79 633 Main Street
5 Zink-Northwoods 104* 41 Corn Road
6 Rattlesnake 438 195 Main Street or Old Sugar Road
7 Delaney Wildlife Management Area 580* 316 Harvard Road (Stow)
8 Annie Moore 118* 98 Annie Moore Road
9 Danforth Brook and Keyes Farm 83 28 Danforth Lane
10 Vinger-Venable 66 Intersection of Randall and Rocky Dundee
11 Gould-White 48 Intersection of Randall and Rocky Dundee
12 Welch Pond 11 498 Wattaquadock Hill Road
13 Houghton Farm 1.0 Houghton Farm Lane
14 Wilder Pond 5.6 1000 Main Street (Route 117)
15 Fyfeshire and Haynes-Wheeler Conservation Areas 38 500 Wattaquadock Hill Road
16 Bolton Overlook 4.5 157 Wattaquadock Hill Road

*A portion of total acreage is outside Bolton.

The Bolton Conservation Trust, the Conservation Commission, and the Trails Committee would like to thank all those who have cleared, maintained, and cared for our trails and conservation lands, helping to keep them open and accessible to everyone.

Bolton’s trails weave through our community, and offer us all a place to pursue any number of outdoor activities.  Most of the town’s trails are on public conservation lands, many of which have been acquired through the generous donations of Bolton citizens.   Numerous trails traverse some portion of private land, however, and we are grateful to those landowners who generously share their properties through trail easements and informal trail crossings.

More information can be found on this site by searching the Get Outside drop down menu.

 Click here for a selection of files for use with GPS apps on mobile devices.