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Blockages removed at Bowers

Larry Kunz and Gordon Taylor cleared 5 fallen trees from the trail that connects Bowers Springs to Vaughn Hills via the “Big Bridge” over Bowers Brook and the Held easement. They also moved an unused bog bridge to a place Read more…

The Overlook Trail sign cleared

On Thursday 17 June 2021, Betsy Taylor-Kennedy took loppers and shears to the multi-flora rose that had overgrown the sign at the entrance to the Overlook on Watttaquadock Road. This invasive plant had been growing vigorously and the sign had Read more…

New Trail Head Maps and Posts Installed

Larry, Bob and Alice plus Gordon installed maps on posts at Gould-White (On Randall Road), Vinger-Venable (on Berlin Road), and Danforth Lane (at the cul-de-sac).

Downed Trees Cleared at Rattlesnake

Two trees have fallen recently. One near the Whitcomb quarry and another near junction 2E on the Boulder Trail in the vicinity of Rattlesnake Hill (Map 6 in the guidebook and online). Bob and Alice Roemer responded quickly and the Read more…

2021 Trails Guide Second Printing

Some of you may have been disappointed when attempting to purchase a copy of the 2021 Bolton Trails Guide because the first printing sold out quickly. A second printing is now available. Click here for ordering infornation.  

2021 Edition of the Trails Guide

The 2021 edition of the Bolton Trails Guide is now available either from the Town Hall or directly from The Bolton Conservation Trust. $20.00 at the Town Hall (no cash – pay by check or PayPal directly to the Trust). Read more…

Another oak down at Rattlesnake

Another oak tree fell at Rattlesnake recently. Bob and Alice Roemer were again ready to clear it. This one was across the trails at intersection 2E.  BTW the “2E” marker was safe on another tree.

New maps installed at trailheads and significant trail junctions

With the new set of trail maps, new “you are here” maps have been created for installation at trailheads, significant trail junctions and parking areas. This was a team effort: Bob Roemer procured the materials and made the wooden map Read more…

Trees Cleared at Rattlesnake

On October 7, after recent heavy winds, Bob and Alice Roemer have again been hard at work clearing the trails in what has been called “Microburst Alley” at Rattlesnake. The storm on the afternoon of October 7 brought down a Read more…

All Trails Club gets bigger

In the Summer of 2020, several new names were added to the All Trails Club membership list. Congratulations to all: All Trails Club Members There are still plenty of patches left for the first 100 members. So keep on hiking.